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Digital Marketing Calicut Chengdu Expert, Mighil

Hi, I’m Mighil. The webmaster of (captain obvious). I’m a digital marketing consultant—organic growth marketing specialist, and SEO expert originally from Calicut but currently based in Chengdu, China.

I was a student of Anna University, Chennai but decided to drop-out and & master organic marketing a.k.a the most profitable business strategy.

Nb: This is my personal web space. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any employer of mine, past or present.

Stuff I Do

Since 2012, I’m actively tracking the search algorithm patterns and I embrace the beauty of how search engines work. As a full-stack marketing director, I believe I can help small to medium-sized businesses improve their conversion rate. I always love to develop marketing campaigns on the principles of generating high-quality content in all forms. Get in touch with me today for a free consultation.*

Mighil at Beihai
📍Weizhou Island – West of Leizhou Peninsula, south of Beihai, and east of Vietnam.

I have both domestic and hands-on international experience when it comes to digital marketing. I’ve previously worked with WebNamaste (IN), IOSS (IN), Acodez (IN), IObit (CN), ugChain (SG), LabEx (HK) and a few others.

Stuff I like

Papers on absurdism and existentialism are my thing. I do watch a lot of movies. I’m more into horror, mystery, crime and comedy flicks. I’m a true Gojira (Godzilla) fanboy.

My Top 100 Movies (as of October 2018). Open image in new tab for better viewing.


I used to produce experimental electronic music under the monikers base32, Xonikk, and Longma. Here’s a bunch you can listen now. I’d love to come up with a synthwave EP someday.


*Visit this link to schedule a 30-minute meeting with me. Email other inquiries to mighilcn at Please don’t expect a swift response as I’m quite busy these days. But I do respond to all the emails.

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