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Chengdu. Thursday, 16 May 2019: I lost the interest to write specifically about technology and life in China. And, it seems I have no interest to work with certain people. It feels I’m stuck and I don’t know what to choose and what not to. I’ll wait out.

I’m happy that Marui supports me. Life’s a good run with her, and our pet schnauzers; Coco and Milo. Please don’t expect a swift response from my end. However, do reach me out for small gigs and other tech support queries. I’d be happy to help you for a small fee.

Aside from that, I’m hyped for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Plus I’ve been testing my mediocre rigs for video recording. It turns out now I can produce decent 1080p 60fps videos with this setup. Signing off for the day, wish you the best.

Now you may read the contents of the old index page.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mighil, a growth-driven creative digital marketing expert based in Calicut, Kerala and Chengdu, China. With hands-on expertise in websites, SEO, growth hacking and social media; I am dedicated to providing top-notch digital marketing services in Calicut, India and Chengdu, China that fuel business growth.

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Do you roll your eyes when you come across digital marketing companies in Kerala that claim to be authentic but doesn’t keep up with the current trends and Google best practices? Are you tired of the “best digital marketing agency in Kerala” that offer mediocre services? You should hire me if your answer is yes.

As a growth hacker in Kerala and independent digital marketer in Chengdu; I provide transparent and honest digital marketing consulting & expert solutions. I provide full-stack marketing services to both local and international clients.

I lead one of the first 100% remote digital agencies (Kaiju collective) in Kerala that works closely with small to medium-sized businesses from around the world, to craft top-notch digital experiences. We are on a mission to build brands and run creative digital marketing campaigns that potential leads would never ignore.

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Are you setting up a new product or SaaS? Need help with digital marketing and growth hacking? You should collaborate with me. Having worked with a wide range of startups in the past, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to product marketing.

I provide growth hacking + marketing packages at a fair price that every brand can afford. I’d love to shape up a brand for you; I’m always motivated by companies with a clear vision and goals.

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I work with a collective of experienced professionals in the digital industry. We can start from ground zero, or you may hire us to optimize your brand’s website to work great on all search engines like, and We have the talent, and you have a budget; together, we can work(do)wonders. Contact us and discuss your needs.

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