I’m Mighil, a growth-driven full-stack digital marketing consultant based in Calicut, Kerala + Chengdu, China. With hands-on expertise in websites, SEO, growth hacking, and social media; I am dedicated to providing top-notch digital marketing services in Calicut, India, and Chengdu, China that fuel business growth. You can read a bit more about me on this page.

Update #3: I’m immersed in Python.
Update #2: I currently maintain another website called deadauthor.org.
Update #1: mig.xyz if you need China-optimized web hosting.

Why hire me?

Do you roll your eyes when you come across digital marketing companies in Kerala that claim to be authentic but don’t keep up with the current trends and Google best practices? Are you tired of the “best digital marketing agency in Kerala” that offer mediocre services? You should hire me if your answer is yes.

As a growth hacker in Kerala and an independent digital marketer in Chengdu; I provide transparent and honest digital marketing consulting & expert solutions. I provide full-stack marketing services to both local and international clients.

I lead one of the first 100% remote digital collectives in Kerala that works closely with small to medium-sized businesses from around the world, to craft top-notch digital experiences. We are on a mission to build brands and run creative digital marketing campaigns that potential leads would never ignore. Say goodbye to traditional marketing agencies in Kerala, and hire experts in the niche!

I’d love to help startups.

Are you setting up a new product or SaaS? Need help with digital marketing and growth hacking? You should collaborate with me. Having worked with a wide range of startups in the past, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to product marketing.

I provide growth hacking + marketing packages at a fair price that every brand can afford. I’d love to shape up a brand for you; I’m always motivated by companies with a clear vision and goals.

We can help!

I work with a collective of experienced professionals in the digital industry. We can start from ground zero, or you may hire us to optimize your brand’s website to work great on all search engines like Google.com, Google.co.in and Google.com.hk. We have the talent, and you have a budget; together, we can work(do)wonders. Contact us and discuss your needs.

Optimizing Your Website for China

Running a WordPress website or self-hosted e-commerce store can be a tedious job. Especially when you expect traffic from mainland Chinese users and global users at the same time.

I’ve been living in China since 2015, and I’m well-versed in its internet landscape and regulations.

I’ve optimized sites like chengduliving.com, chengduhouserent.com, chongqing-rent.com, RelevantChinaJobs.com; to name a few. I’m also the web hosting consultant at a growing strategic web design company headquartered in Europe and China.

Do you want to boost your website’s loading speed? Does your server need optimization? I offer flexible optimization services for a starting price of 100USD per audit and 50USD per hour for on-page/server optimization.

I provide custom speed up services for your site on any hosting platform: shared, VPS or dedicated (ranging from DigitalOcean to Aliyun). I could also help you move your website (any technology stack) to a new optimized server.

Latest from the blog

I’m a story-teller when it comes to crafting copy and content. I provide content writing services in Kerala. I’m also available for hire as a remote content manager/producer for companies in Calicut. Read the blog posts to get an idea of my writing style. I mainly write about WordPress in China, hardware tinkering, and everything digital. Contact me in private for other samples.

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