Hey, I’m Mighil, and I am pleased to introduce mighil.com, my blog and online creative space. Through this website, I aim to explore the intersections between creativity, technology, and culture through essays, music, and web projects.

I will draw on my background to discuss various subjects. Readers can expect to find articles on emerging technologies, analyses of sociocultural trends, reviews of music and movies, and narratives about my ongoing creative projects.

An important aspect of mighil.com is transcending boundaries. Rather than focusing on one niche area, I aim to consider topics more broadly and bring various domains into conversation. Technology does not develop in a vacuum; humanistic factors like art, philosophy, and social relationships shape it. Similarly, culture always interacts with advances in science and industry. I hope to thoughtfully explore these fluid and reciprocal relationships through my blog.

Do I achieve that lofty goal? Time will tell.

Pull up a virtual seat, lean back, and see where the trails may lead.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].


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