#1 Freelance SEO Expert Kerala

“SEO Specialist Kerala | SEO Consultant Kerala”

The title above,👆 You must’ve seen that a lot online, right?

👋🏻Are you looking for a freelance SEO expert in Kerala? Do you want to drive more free traffic to your website every single day?

Hold your horses.✋ Learn a bit about me first. Then I will start the boasting.

Hi there, I’m Mighil.

Meet Mighil Puthukkudy. Another guy who use SEO Expert in Kerala, SEO Consultant in Keralakeywords in the title. But I currently reside in PR China though. (Oh the irony 💁‍♂️)

I’ve been doing and experimenting SEO 🔍 for over 5 years now.

I’ve worked as an SEO Specialist (in few of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala). I was also the in-house SEO Team Leader at IObit Software 💻 (one of the leading software developers globally).

And now, I lead the overseas operations team at📈 ugChain, a blockchain based project with offices in China, Singapore, and Japan. 🇯🇵

The good thing about my career is I get enough time to work as a freelance SEO expert who’s passionate about helping small businesses and companies succeed online.  🤝

With my SEO consulting in Kerala and abroad,  I have been very successful and brought great results and ROI on the campaigns I’ve been involved in. 🙌

Oh, don’t forget to check my certifications on this page.

Show Me Your SEO Results 🤷‍♂️

OK, here you go:

Acodez Web Design SEO Ranking

👆I worked on this project with Shahan during my time at an agency in Calicut.

Other project details are listed on LinkedIn.

Due to confidentiality reason, I can’t share the traffic data of IObit in public. Maybe we can discuss that in private. 🤓

Don’t worry, I am that guy who thoroughly analyzes the changes in Google SERP algorithm and experiment 🎮 SEO efforts according to that

Best Practices and Strict Motto: 🧐

Yeah, I like to follow what’s best and meaningful for the web. What I believe is “put your customers first” philosophy. 😇

I’ll transform your ideas into the web and push them online only if your business idea sounds promising for the end user.

We both needn’t waste our precious time, right? 🤐

Inbound Marketing Services I Provide:

I can offer you meaningful and effective local SEO services than any other freelance SEO expert Kerala or SEO Consultant in Kerala. 👽

🙋‍♂️With my great experience in server management and web niche, you can reduce the cost of hiring an SEO agency for your digital marketing needs.

You can hire me for:

Local SEO 🕵– improving the local visibility of your business in Kerala. Done via local link building, onsite SEO, Google My Business optimization and various experimentations.

Content Promotion 🗣– So you’ve got awesome content? I can help you promote it the right way using the right digital channels in Kerala.

Technical SEO Audits 👨‍💻– I don’t provide FREE Audit. My audits will cover more in-depth statistics.

Note: Lot of people ask for free audits and they should understand that a professional like me will never compile a top notch SEO Audit for free. 👊

Complete Inbound Marketing 💯 – This includes all organic, paid, creative marketing strategies.

Now My Question is:

Do you want to…

  • Rank your website for relevant business related keywords?
  • Build the online authority of your website and brand in Kerala?
  • Increase the number of people visiting your website and improve conversion?

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Lazy? Text or Whatsapp this number +1 (702) 763-3178‬.

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