This website is a medium where I help SMBs grow, publish informative guides and independent news entries. As a full-stack marketing consultant, I’ve helped small to medium-sized businesses improve their conversion rate.

GROWING UP — I was a huge fan of the 8-bit video games even though I grew up during the reign of 16-bit consoles and 32-bit handhelds. Video game music influenced me more than any other form of music. Which inspired me to make music as well. Here’s a synthwave cover of Chaosium Sword, one of my favorite video game opening themes.

EDUCATION — I dropped out of college to focus on digital media marketing and music. I received the Cambridge BULATS certification during my time in the Uni.

CAREER — In 2012, I made the decision to start a career in search marketing. Since then, I’ve been developing marketing campaigns on the principles of generating high-quality content in all forms. I have hands-on international exposure when it comes to digital marketing.

I’ve previously worked with great teams at Tap4Fun, Labex, ugChain, IObit Software, Acodez, and other companies in China, India and Netherlands.

@thedeadauthor, m1qnet, and signalsiren are my experimental music projects. I used to produce electronic music under the monikers Xonikk, B∆SE32, スーパーソニック, and Longma in the past. I like papers on absurd-ism and existentialism. I’m more into horror, mystery, crime, and comedy flicks. I’m a Kaiju nerd. My favorite Kaiju is Anguirus. I’ve written several scripts under the influence of pandemic blues.


I’d be happy to share my expertise with you for a fixed fee. I’m also available to guide you or your internal team on holistic inbound marketing.

Email info@mighil.com

Strictly no guest posts and link exchange requests.