Should you hire a professional freelance content writer in Calicut?

Thanks for stopping by. I urge (yes, urge) you to read the content on this web page before hiring a professional freelance content writer in Calicut.

But why? Because you need the best in the business. You need a top-notch content writer who genuinely understands your brand, a wizard who can craft messages that attract the end-user. Isn’t that what you need?

There were times when clients used to produce their content in-house for the websites, brochures, and commercials to promote their brand.

But things have changed now. Everyone tends to hire a freelance copywriter to produce quality content for the ad, print, and the web. But the truth is you guys aren’t darn (oops! I used that) good at hiring the best content writer in Calicut.

Now, I’ll shed the hard truth. 50% of you aren’t aware of the quality of the content you receive. Don’t get me wrong; you don’t want to pay a lot in Calicut, Kerala. The average content writers in Kerala don’t charge you a lot also.

The end product; half-baked content that isn’t optimized well for Google. Is that what you want?

What to look for in a content writer based in Calicut

The content writer should be able to produce flawless content without grammatical errors and typos.

You need someone who can deliver the message in a conversational tone. Moreover, the tone should reflect your brand’s identity.

Boost your company’s reach by producing quality content.

The content writer you plan to hire should be a digital expert or someone who knows the current industry standards and best practices for the web.

For example, would you hire a writer who enables “justify” on web content. It is considered a bad practice that breaks the modern UI principles.

You need a professional content writer in Calicut, Kerala who understands your business, and it’s end-user. It’s no use in hiring a writer who isn’t interested in asking you a lot of questions about your brand.

Finally, you need a writer who’s good at research and research tools. The competition is high, and they should be able to research and understand your competitor’s products as well.

How to filter and avoid horrible content writers in Calicut

It’s quite simple. Ask them to show some samples before asking a quote. You may ignore the examples they highlighted on their website.

Ask them to provide the latest samples of their work. You need a writer who is well-versed in the new trends.

Should you hire me?

Depends. I’m a full-stack marketer who pens content for the web, ads, and print.

I’ve worked with startups and software giants. I’ve produced a multitude of content in all forms for the clients and companies I’ve worked before.

I love to work with people who are strict about their business goals. I’ve produced content for,, to name a few.

Visit this page to hire me for your next project. My price starts at a flat 5 INR per word. Expect a discount for orders in bulk. I prefer to work with personal brands and SMEs.

Updated on 28th July 2021.