What I'm Doing Now

What I’m doing now. This page is inspired by the /now page created by Derek Sivers on sive.rs.
What I'm Doing Now
Photo by Aron Visuals / Unsplash

Props to Derek Siver’s /now page movement.

Oh, hello 2023!

  • Working on EarlyBird.im with the team at Heyooo. I’m responsible for making key decisions and producing content for this project. Also giving insights on marketing direction.
  • Leading the full-stack marketing operations at HeyForm & TinySnap
  • Working as an ongoing technical contractor for an NYC-based multi-disciplinary design studio.
  • Managing the wr8.in starter kit for Notion.
  • Automating a lot of stuff with Python scripts.
  • Hacking my way into Ruby
  • Using Jekyll now. Still thinking about moving to Jekyll from WordPress.
  • Still coping with life’s absurdity.

2022 and 2021, a quick summary

I moved back to Chengdu, China, in July 2022 through Kathmandu. That was one hell of a ride. I received my green code at the last moment. I took the Air China flight and got placed in quarantine for seven days. Then finally, after two years and seven months, I reunited with my wife and daughter.

Looking back at 2021, I had a wonderful, lonely, and composed time in Nepal. I was no tourist to Kathmandu and enjoyed working remotely in Thamel. I’ve developed a relationship with myself. I learned a bunch of new things. I got COVID-19 and recovered there. Momo Star was the friendly joint that I dined at. I’m thankful to the folks at Fuji restaurant as well. Those guys made comfort food and essential meals during the lockdown in Kathmandu. For a couple of months, Kathmandu was home.

2021 and 2020, sentence fragments:

  • Spent a whole lot of time with my mother, father, and brother in India. Took them to dinner and local cinemas on the weekends. Watched a movie with dad (just me and the old man) after a long time. He used to bring me to the cinema as a kid. Welcomed Bobby, the Dachshund, to home. Visited my mom’s family after a long time. Shared a couple of drinks with dad. Salut.
  • Met Jashin, my childhood best friend, after a long time. We have aged and grown apart. But I remember every moment we cherished. Endless video game hours, cricket tournaments, snacking at his place, and watching first shows (opening day) at local cinemas. These are the moments I genuinely want to rekindle if I ever get a chance to go back in time. Remember the hype for Pokemon, Transformers, and so on? Good old days.
  • Met Jashin’s mother. Her radiance is always calming.
  • I met Adish, Anzifar, Geraldin, and Revathi, the folks from the DMM community.
  • Visited Delhi NCR two times, mainly for China visa purposes.
  • I made friends with Karthik, whom I mentored and who is currently working with HeyForm and TinySnap.
  • I briefly provided consulting to RecMaster.net.
  • Provided consulting, writing, and web development assistance to Minoid, a web3 company in the US with roots in Calicut, India.
  • Provided consulting and web development assistance to JIJU, a Yiwu-based company.
  • Python is changing my digital perspective.
  • Released VOL I EP – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  • Released The Pendulum EP – m1qnet – 2020
  • Released Lockdown – Xonikk – 2020
  • Released Reprise: Special Edition – m1qnet – 2020
  • Released Miss My Fam – m1qnet – 2020
  • Released Press Play, Delete – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  • Released Madman – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  • Produce/Mix/Master Kaav EP by Palakkadan Dystopia – 2020
  • Produce/Mix/Master Marupiravi EP by Palakkadan Dystopia
  • Purchased a Zoom H1n, Mac Mini M1, iPad Air 4, iPhone SE 3, and MacBook Air M1 (base models). To me, these aren’t material comforts. I use them at work or to produce music. They don’t make me happy.