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Oh, hello 2023! #

2022 and 2021, a quick summary #

I moved back to Chengdu, China, in July 2022 through Kathmandu. That was one hell of a ride. I received my green code at the last moment. I took the Air China flight and got placed in quarantine for seven days. Then finally, after two years and seven months, I reunited with my wife and daughter.

Looking back at 2021, I had a wonderful, lonely, and composed time in Nepal. I was no tourist to Kathmandu and enjoyed working remotely in Thamel. I’ve developed a relationship with myself. I learned a bunch of new things. I got COVID-19 and recovered there. Momo Star was the friendly joint that I dined at. I’m thankful to the folks at Fuji restaurant as well. Those guys made comfort food and essential meals during the lockdown in Kathmandu. For a couple of months, Kathmandu was home.

2021 and 2020, sentence fragments: #

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