What I’m Doing Now

This is where I’m at right now. The purpose of /now pages is to give readers an insight into what’s going on right now. Read the origin post.

📧 mighil # deadauthor.org


  • I’m in India. Missing Chengdu and my family there.
  • Python-powered automation. Read more.
  • Routinely managing the Music of China. It’s a SoundCloud page that hosts a wide array of Chinese music.
  • Managing the forum, tech. and social signals of ChengduLiving, a blog about life in China and more specifically Chengdu. CL is the brainchild of Charlie, a good friend of mine.
  • Revived the Xonikk project. I’ve compiled some samples during the extended lockdown in India. Download “Lockdown” for free.


  • Assisting Trycle in growth marketing under the mighil.com label.
  • Assisting north-route.com in web hosting, content migration, and email hosting, etc.
  • Porting a client’s website from Jimdo to WordPress.
  • In the alpha stage of creating course content for Trycle.com.
  • Switched to Linux Mint Xfce.


  • Routinely improving the CSS & backend code of mighil.com, chengduliving.com, and deadauthor.org.

Updated on June 29, 2020, from Kozhikode, India.

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