What I’m Doing Now

Props to Derek Siver’s /now page movement.

Oh, hello, 2023!

  1. Working on Folio.la and BlogSEO.ai as the director of Growth.
  2. Managing AI-powered side-projects at m64.in
  3. Working on EarlyBird.im with the team at Heyooo. I’m responsible for making key decisions and producing content for this project. Also, giving insights on marketing direction and strategy.
  4. Leading the full-stack marketing operations at HeyForm & TinySnap
  5. Working as an ongoing technical contractor for an NYC-based multi-disciplinary design studio.
  6. Managing the wr8.in starter kit for Notion.
  7. Automating a lot of stuff with Python scripts.
  8. Hacking my way into Ruby
  9. WordPress, again. Using Jekyll now. Still thinking about moving to Jekyll from WordPress.
  10. Still coping with life’s absurdity.

2022 and 2021, a quick summary

I moved back to Chengdu, China, in July 2022 through Kathmandu. That was one hell of a ride. I received my green code at the last moment. I took the Air China flight and got placed in quarantine for seven days. Then finally, after two years and seven months, I reunited with my wife and daughter.

Looking back at 2021, I had a wonderful, lonely, and composed time in Nepal. I was no tourist to Kathmandu and enjoyed working remotely in Thamel. I’ve developed a relationship with myself. I learned a bunch of new things. I got COVID-19 and recovered there. Momo Star was the friendly joint that I dined at. I’m thankful to the folks at Fuji restaurant as well. Those guys made comfort food and essential meals during the lockdown in Kathmandu. For a couple of months, Kathmandu was home.

2021 and 2020, sentence fragments: #

  1. Spent a whole lot of time with my mother, father, and brother in India. Took them to dinner and local cinemas on the weekends. Watched a movie with Dad (just me and the old man) after a long time. He used to bring me to the cinema as a kid. Welcomed Bobby, the Dachshund, to home. Visited my mom’s family after a long time. I shared a couple of drinks with Dad. Salut.
  2. I Met Jashin, my childhood best friend, after a long time. We have aged and grown apart. But I remember every moment we cherished. Endless video game hours, cricket tournaments, snacking at his place, and watching first shows (opening day) at local cinemas. These are the moments I genuinely want to rekindle if I ever get a chance to go back in time. Remember the hype for Pokemon, Transformers, and so on? Good old days.
  3. Met Jashin’s mother. Her radiance is always calming.
  4. I met Adish, Anzifar, Geraldin, and Revathi, the folks from the DMM community.
  5. Visited Delhi NCR two times, mainly for China visa purposes.
  6. I made friends with Karthik, whom I mentored and who is currently working with HeyForm and TinySnap.
  7. I briefly provided consulting to RecMaster.net.
  8. Provided consulting, writing, and web development assistance to Minoid, a web3 company in the US with roots in Calicut, India.
  9. Provided consulting and web development assistance to JIJU, a Yiwu-based company.
  10. Python is changing my digital perspective.
  11. Released VOL I EP – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  12. Released The Pendulum EP – m1qnet – 2020
  13. Released Lockdown – Xonikk – 2020
  14. Released Reprise: Special Edition – m1qnet – 2020
  15. Released Miss My Fam – m1qnet – 2020
  16. Released Press Play, Delete – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  17. Released Madman – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
  18. Produce/Mix/Master Kaav EP by Palakkadan Dystopia – 2020
  19. Produce/Mix/Master Marupiravi EP by Palakkadan Dystopia
  20. Purchased a Zoom H1n, Mac Mini M1, iPad Air 4, iPhone SE 3, and MacBook Air M1 (base models). To me, these aren’t material comforts. I use them at work or to produce music. They don’t make me happy.


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