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Before jumping to the brag game, a.k.a. Why hire me as your company’s in-house growth hacker? Let’s paraphrase “growth hacking,” a term coined by Sean Ellis. And learn why you need the advice of a growth hacker in Kerala while launching a product.

So, What is Growth Hacking?

Often misunderstood, growth hacking is an umbrella term we use in the digital industry. Growth hacking focuses on improving the conversion rate and growing a company, and it’s user base. It evolves a lot of best practices that promise conversion and growth.

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A traditional full-stack marketer with years of experience tends to design a digital marketing strategy for 3 to 6 months that involves a lot of activities.

Does that promise constant growth? Not Always.

A dedicated growth hacker in Kerala like me focuses on designing a highly converting strategy that works best for startups.

Startups should build trust and gain traction in the beginning stage itself. The future of a startup depends on an ever growing user/conversion ratio. The funding depends on the same also.

A growth hacker won’t replace your CMO or marketing head. The growth hacker is just different from an average marketer.

How Does a Growth Hacker Work?

It varies according to the niche and your company’s goals. A growth hacker has to understand your business model and design the growth strategy for your SaaS, BaaS or other digital products.

It involves executing a lot of strategies from organic to paid marketing and from KOL (influencer) outreach to other collaborations.

Hire a Growth Hacker in Kerala.

For example, A growth hacker in Kerala will suggest you come up with a new affiliate/invite strategy for the product to make it go viral. A growth marketing consultant will design a stunning ad-copy that’s engaging.

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The growth marketer you hire will be responsible for planning the launch, predict the churn rate, test & optimize the product, build the brand acquiring new customers and engaging existing ones.

Should You Hire A Growth Hacker in Kerala?

I wouldn’t recommend hiring a growth consultant permanently. Hire a growth hacker for product consulting. Ask them whether they’re genuinely interested in collaborating with you.

Never, ever ask them to provide a growth plan. Growth strategy design is their bread and butter, do not expect someone to share their skills and knowledge for free when it’s their career. However, it is wise to ask the numbers they can guarantee.

For example, ask them the expected conversion rate and growth rate. Do not forget to ask them about their previous experience.

Growth Hacking Expert in Calicut, Kerala

I’d recommend understanding the philosophy of the consultant you talk to. Try to know whether they’re interested in working towards your goals. You need a consultant like that.

Why Hire Me.

I’ve worked with SaaS, BaaS and MOOC startups in Kerala, India, and Chengdu, China. I’ve generated 10,000+ registrations for a SaaS startup’s product in 30 days. Connect with me to discuss your product and its goals.

Good luck!

Growth Hacker in Kerala
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