An SEO-friendly, Senior Copywriter and freelance content writer in Kerala (Calicut)

Colophon: Mighil is a creative senior copywriter and content writer in Kozhikode, Kerala with nine years of experience in the industry.

I craft professional articles, technical documentation, and other copies for web, print, apps, and ads. I can write a great brochure or compelling website copies for you.

I’ve worked in-house with local and international brands in Europe, China, North America, and UAE.

And I’ve built websites from scratch that required full-stack content marketing.

Here’s the fun part. I’ll never get bored with content writing. And I’m not one of those “senior copywriters” and “professional” content writers in Kerala that recycle a mediocre culture. I stick to unique ideas when delivering content writing services in Kerala.


I’m a big fan of lengthy emails but embrace minimalism in presentation and branding. I’d love to work with brands with clear goals. I could design the whole content cycle (production to marketing) for you. And I love working with startups!

I’m a laid-back person, and my approach is quite straightforward. Hire me if you’re strict about your goals. I rarely look into revisions because of the same reason.

I’m married, and we’ve got a daughter. I spend more time with my family than at work. So, don’t bother us at weekends unless stated otherwise in the contract. Family comes first.

I’m not the best. However, I’m not the most budget-friendly professional SEO website copywriter ever to exist in Kerala.

Hire me for:

  • Website content writing
  • Brand copy-writing
  • Case studies & interviews
  • Podcast production
  • Copy for newsletters

Please contact me to know the pricing. Have a good one.


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