Table of Contents

  1. Wisdom in unexpected places  
  2. A collage of truths
  3. A personal approach to wisdom
  4. Living purposefully through scattered lights 
  5. Epilogue 

Scattered Wisdom

As one who views the world through an absurd lens, I have found life’s lessons come not from great tomes of knowledge but from fleeting moments that seem insignificant. Insights are scattered like breadcrumbs across our days rather than laid out systematically in books. This scattering of wisdom is what I call “scattered wisdom.” It is wisdom gained indirectly through living rather than directly through studying. In this essay, I aim to explore what I mean by scattered wisdom and how it has shaped my unique perspective on life.

Wisdom in unexpected places  

Scattered wisdom, by its very nature, appears where we least expect it. We do not set out each day searching for life’s great truths, yet they can find us when our guard is down. For me, scattered wisdom often emerges not through lofty contemplation but in the most mundane daily activities. Simple tasks like doing dishes or taking out the trash have occasionally caused a profound realization to pop into my head out of nowhere. A scrap of overheard conversation, a strange scene witnessed on my commute or even a bizarre thought that entered my mind in the shower – these unlikely sources are where I have stumbled upon some of my most valued lessons.  

Scattered wisdom does not discriminate based on location or circumstance. It recognizes no bounds and can materialize anytime, anywhere. This gives it an element of randomness and surprise, making each discovery feel magical. You never know when or where the next revelation may strike. I have unearthed important insights while lazing in bed and during intensive study sessions. Wisdom has emerged from times of leisure and times of stress equally. Its tendency to appear unpredictably teaches us that profound truths lie not just in noteworthy places and moments but also in the everyday experiences we often overlook. We must be attentive to every part of our lives, not just the parts we deem important if we hope to recognize scattered wisdom’s subtle visitations.

A collage of truths

Where concentrated wisdom reads as one cohesive story, scattered wisdom reads as a collage – a piecing together of varied glimpses that each add texture and nuance. Its revelations do not neatly align but create a multifaceted mosaic when viewed all together. No single scrap provides a full picture, yet their collective meeting hints at universal themes. 

For me, scattered wisdom’s truths have dealt with impermanence, absurdity, compassion, acceptance, and living purposefully. But these ideas have arisen disjointedly over many years and situations rather than systematically through a read philosophy. I have gathered insights into impermanence equally from observing fallen leaves, fleeting friendships, and the changing city skyline. Many philosophers could weave such observations into an eloquent discourse on impermanence’s place in life. For me, the wisdoms remain disparate but resonating notes that blend into a gentle harmony when played together.

Their lack of cohesiveness mirrors the disjointedness of real life better than any perfectly structured teaching. Scattered wisdom honors life’s messy complexity rather than reducing it to cut-and-dry formulas. Its collage-like quality accepts life’s inconsistencies and contradictions. No single truth must invalidate another in this framework – all have value even when differing. This reflects how I see ultimate truths as infinitely nuanced concepts we can only glimpse partly from our limited human vantage point. 

A personal approach to wisdom

Another defining aspect of scattered wisdom is its intensely personal nature. Conventional wisdom often attempts to provide one-size-fits-all answers applicable to all. But for something as complex and subjective as human experience, singular perspectives rarely do justice to life’s diversity. Scattered wisdom emerges organically from an individual’s own journey rather than from any grand theory. It speaks directly to that person’s particular circumstances, temperament, culture, and history in a way generalized teachings struggle to match.

For me, this personalized dimension has made scattered wisdom’s insights most potent. Because they spring unforced from my authentic experiences and thoughts, I intrinsically resonate with them in a visceral manner that abstract philosophies rarely provoke. Their very development within my subjective reality makes them perfectly tailored for giving my life meaning and direction. Where conventional wisdom may feel like an opaque lens through which I view life, scattered wisdom emanates directly from my engagement with life itself. This embeds its guidance deep within my being, so I intuitively follow its nudges without much thought or effort. 

Living purposefully through scattered lights 

Many disparage scattering as a lack of focus and direction. But for me, scattered wisdom fragments have plotted a truer course than any single-pointed pursuit could provide. Its dimensionality and accommodation of contradictions echo the complexity inherent to living with intention amid life’s uncertainty. Rather than targeting one summit, scattered wisdom’s approach sees value in many peaks and encourages wandering happily between them, following your inner spirit.

In living this way, I have experienced highs and lows but maintained an overall sense of meaningful motion even when goals changed. My priorities continuously re-calibrated based on new insights that emerged unexpectedly to redirect me gently when I strayed too far off course. Purpose found me through listening attentively along life’s journey, not through actively chasing some static purpose. Scattered wisdom’s guideposts sparked a passion for living each moment deeply regardless of what lay ahead or behind. Its acceptance of imperfection freed me to greet each experience with openness and gratitude rather than judgment. 

This wisdom has nourished my capacity for wonder, humility, inner peace, and compassion towards others in their own searches. And is living with such dispositions not the wisest way after all? Through being receptive to life’s surprises rather than stubbornly clinging to plans, its profound yet unobtrusive lessons have quietly transformed me into someone continually learning and growing yet comfortable in uncertainty. This, to me, represents the deepest purpose any of us can uncover.


So, in conclusion, scattered wisdom has been my guide to a life lived meaningfully by embracing each moment as it is. Its insights are gathered indirectly through engaging fully with all life offers rather than didactically received. Its truths acknowledge life’s messiness joyfully rather than imposing order reductively. Its lessons illuminate my personal journey authentically instead of applying generalizable theories detached from lived experience. For one who sees life’s grandeur in its most mundane and inconsistent details, scattered wisdom’s approach resonates as the surest means of unearthing understanding and fulfilling my potential wherever this rapid flow may lead. Its very dispersion mirrors life’s inherent impermanence yet reminds us that beneath surface chaos lies unseen harmony.

Credit: Cover photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Written by MighilMighil is an indie musician and tinkerer with diverse work experience in technology and writing. He has had the privilege of serving in various capacities, encompassing generalist and specialist roles. He is currently based in Chengdu.


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