Music Producer

Mighil is an Indian composer, singer, sound designer, and record producer from Kerala. He has produced the Kaav EP for Palakkadan Dystopia, a side-project run by Street Academics. He started his career as an IT consultant in 2012 while focusing on music projects such as Dead Author, Xonikk, m1qnet, Verfasor, and SIGNALSIREN. β€œOmae Wa Mou Shindeiru” from his VOL I EP has been featured on the Rolling Stone India October 2020 Playlist Part 2.

Discography & other info.

Active projectsVerfasor, m1qnet, SIGNALSIREN, and Dead Author
Defunct projectsBβˆ†SE32, Longma, Xonikk, and スーパーソニック
DAW preferencesFL Studio (Windows) & Ableton Live (macOS)
InterestsSound design, reverse engineering and manipulation.
Associated Act(s)Palakkadan Dystopia (Street Academics)
Featured onRolling Stone, Rock Street Journal
AlbumsVoid Voyagers EP – Xonikk – 2013
 Lost Years – Xonikk – 2015
 Goodbye 再见 LP – m1qnet – 2017
 The Pendulum EP – m1qnet – 2020
MixtapesLockdown – Xonikk – 2020
 Reprise: Special Edition – m1qnet – 2020
 Happy Me, Happy You – Xonikk – 2013
 Miss My Fam – m1qnet – 2020
 Press Play, Delete – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
 Madman – SIGNALSIREN – 2020
Record ProductionKaav EP by Palakkadan Dystopia – 2020
 Marupiravi EP by Palakkadan Dystopia – 2022
Official RemixEarthgrime – Reverse Chronology Xonikk Remix – 2013


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