Learn Spoken English in Kozhikode

If you’re looking to improve your spoken English in Kozhikode, it’s essential to understand the two main types of English courses available throughout the city. The first type focuses on the fundamentals of English grammar and pronunciation skills, and the second aims to improve conversation skills using the fundamentals.

Most English language schools offer both types of classes, but if your goal is to learn spoken English in Kozhikode within a small budget and timeframe, you might need help from someone like me. 

The current boom of spoken English academies in Kozhikode

I know your social media feed often gets bombarded with ads. And if you love the English language, you may have seen ads from several spoken English academies in Kozhikode.

While I appreciate the ad targeting skills of English houses in Kozhikode, I’m a bit concerned about the quality they provide. 

Most of these ads feel like they’re forcefully shoving down prepackaged content everyone’s throats. 

See, I’m not questioning their integrity. I want you to understand whether such a course is necessary for you. 

Most of these spoken English trainers in Kerala tend to stick with an old-fashioned curriculum.

Why learn spoken English?

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The ability to speak a foreign language is not only a great boost to your career, but it also broadens your cultural horizons and helps you feel more confident and at ease in any social situation. 

While learning via books or the internet is effective, there’s no substitute for one-on-one tutoring with an instructor who can point out mistakes and guide you through improvements.

What are the benefits of spoken English?

The most important benefit of spoken English is that it enhances your ability to communicate and express yourself. 

A strong grasp of spoken English will enable you to give a speech or participate in a presentation. 

If you want to make more friends around the world, work more effectively, or advance your career, then spoken English will help with all of these things as well.

About you

As a Malayalee, you must be good at basic English.

To improve your spoken English, you needn’t pay a hefty amount for a few months. Various factors influence a person’s speaking skills. And I’ll teach you how to tweak your lifestyle to improve the language learning process.

About me

I am a Cambridge BULATS certified IT professional and musician obsessed with the English language. I have directly worked with multi-cultural international teams in APAC and the west. 

How can I help you?

I’ll help you improve your English speaking skills.

Fortunately, I don’t have a thick Indian accent, and I’ll teach you how to get rid of the Indian accent while speaking English. I can introduce you to different scenarios, idioms, etc., and ensure you tackle anything.

I’ll provide you with multiple high-quality resources to improve your English quickly. Keep in mind that my program is only applicable to adult learners of English. 

Make sure you have a stable internet connection to stream media content online.

Please note that my service does not address anyone under 13. And every student under 18 should present a handwritten letter from their parents to get started.

Contact me on WhatsApp to get started.


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