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  1. Why use HeyForm?
  2. A quick comparison of HeyForm & Typeform

HeyForm, a free Typeform alternative

Please read this article before purchasing a HeyForm or Typeform subscription. I represent HeyForm, but the data here speak for itself. Kindly make an informed decision based on your understanding and analysis.

Here goes my second article on HeyForm (see the first one), the product we’re building at Heyooo. HeyForm is a powerful yet free Typeform alternative that offers much of premium features for a lower rate, and our product is one of the simplest and fastest in the market. 

There lies another reason to pen this article. A few weeks ago, we got a message from a HeyForm user who emphasized we should market ourselves aggressively as a Typeform alternative. Well, I took that personally, and here’s the breakdown.

Why use HeyForm?

I’ll give you an overview of the core features of our product.

Create unlimited forms and collect responses for free
Unlike Typeform, our free tier isn’t limited. You can create as many online forms and collect responses to your heart’s content. And our product’s free tier is more than enough for students, hobbyists, and executives.

Publish your form or survey quickly
In my opinion, every consumer-level software product should be intuitive. The learning curve should be simple. And HeyForm is built on top of that philosophy as well. Creating an account is straightforward, and we have a bunch of online form templates ready to import.

Timely customer support
We are a small team, but most of the core team has access to Moreover, our support system links with the Feishu (LarkSuite) webhook, our HQ’s internal communications app. So, we all receive support ticket notifications and discuss technical questions transparently. Then we’ll respond to each query the earliest.

A quick comparison of HeyForm & Typeform

Here’s a table that differentiates HeyForm and Typeform free tiers. This comparison should help you make an informed decision.

Unlimited forms
Unlimited questions❌ (10/month)
Unlimited responses❌ (10/month)
Limit number of responses❌ (starts at $83/m)
Show closed form message❌ (starts at $83/m)
Embed forms
Close forms on time and date limit ❌ (starts at $100)
File upload✅ (10MB)❌ (starts at $25)
Conditional logic❌ (starts at $25)
Accept payments✅ (5% commission)❌ (starts at $25)
Custom Thank You screens❌ (starts at $25)
Email notifications
Airtable integration❌ (starts at $25)
Zapier integration
Integromat integration
Notion integration
Slack integration

Learn more about HeyForm premium.

HeyForm has two subscription tiers, a free version, and a premium version, which cost $49.9/mo. And you get two months free if you pay annually. In contrast, Typeform comes with Free, Basic ($25/mo), Plus($50/mo), Business($83/mo), and Enterprise(custom) subscription tiers.

At a glance, HeyForm free includes all necessary features. And HeyForm premium covers almost all the features that ship with TypeForm Business plan. And I can guarantee that HeyForm works faster than Typeform.

Written by MighilMighil is an indie musician and tinkerer with diverse work experience in technology and writing. He has had the privilege of serving in various capacities, encompassing generalist and specialist roles. He is currently based in Chengdu.


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