Curse of the Carvings


Curse of the Carvings Suneesh Sudhakaran

The old hills in Kannur had harbored secrets for centuries. Legends of demons and sinister spirits were passed down through generations, but most historians dismissed them as mere folklore.

Dr. Rahman led an archeological expedition to explore some ancient caves in Kannur. After weeks of excavation, his team made an astonishing discovery. They found remnants of bizarre rituals, including human sacrifices. Carved into the cave walls were sinister symbols depicting demons and sinister entities.

As the excavation progressed, team members started complaining of strange things happening. Objects would go missing and then turn up in impossible places. They heard eerie voices and screams when they were alone in the dead of night. One by one, the team members started falling ill or meeting with accidents.

Rahman refused to stop the excavation, convinced there was a logical explanation. But even he could no longer ignore the scary coincidences and unnatural events. They had disturbed something sinister during their excavation, and now the demons from the underworld were seeking revenge.

When only Rahman was left, he horrifiedly realized these demons would not rest until they claimed more lives. He had uncovered a forgotten truth that should have remained buried. The demons of Kerala’s sinister past were very much alive, and they were awakening once more.

Many years later, a new archeological team excavated at the same site. Strange screams and horrific stories of deaths and illnesses haunted the hills once more. The demons of Kerala’s forgotten history were re-emerging to reclaim what belonged to them. The sinister truth had come out, and there was no going back.

to be continued…

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