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Bulk Follow People on LinkedIn

Here’s the catch. This script lets you bulk follow connections that already follow you. Here’s the other script if you’re looking to bulk unfollow connections.

I was motivated to create this one based on an inquiry on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Visit this page on LinkedIn;

Step 2: Scroll down on the page so all the followers’ profiles would load. You can scroll down a little and run the *script many times if you’re too lazy.

Step 3: Open Developer Tools in Chrome (Right Click -> Inspect). Switch to the console tab.

Step 4: Paste the script below and type enter:

var buttons = $("button"),
interval = setInterval(function(){
var btn = $('.follows-recommendation-card__follow-btn');
console.log("Clicking:", btn);;
if (buttons.length === 0) {
}, 1000);

If the script breaks in the middle, reload the page and repeat the process.

Good luck.

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