Hi, I’m Mighil.

Welcome to project Mighil Digital (Previously Mighil.com; the personal website of Mighil, a Calicut/Chengdu-based digital strategist and organic search engine optimization expert that specializes in digital growth marketing/hacking for small to medium-sized businesses)

I’m a Google, Bing, HubSpot certified digital strategist and a self-taught musician, web-developer, and minimalist who loves to break things, decode, learn and repeat. I provide digital marketing, web consulting, training and SEO services in Calicut and Chengdu.

I develop marketing campaigns on the principles of generating high-quality content in all forms. I’ve previously worked with WebNamaste, Acodez, IObit, ugChain, Labex and few others. I have both domestic and hands-on international experience when it comes to digital marketing. Get in touch with me today and build online authority for your brand.

Why Hire Me.

Growth Focused

I don’t want to waste your time by promising bogus metrics. Let’s create a growth plan based on your business goals.

I Educate My Clients/Colleagues

Consultants that emphasize transparency and education can set themselves apart. I love to explain what I’m doing.

Value for Money

Don’t worry about this. You’ll get 100% effort and commitment for what you pay. No bullshit, no half-arsed attitude.

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