Let’s work together!

As a freelancer, I offer full-stack technology solutions ranging from bespoke web-design, SEO services, content marketing to creative digital strategies for brands, products and services. Chat with me and share your ideas.

The Approach

My approach is straightforward, and I can improve the search visibility of your website or product through proper digital activities and campaigns. I can help you with podcast post production also. I’ll guide through the whole process, and help you run a podcast. And if you are running a fantasy-themed podcast or show, I’m available to score original music. Pricing for audio engineering is different from what’s listed below. Please chat with me to know more.

How much do you charge?

I charge 80USD minimum per hour for consulting. I’m a digital marketer who can code. My pricing is fair and affordable if you compare it to other consultants in this domain. If you want to hire me for an urgent project, please book a slot through PayPal. This slot guarantees 22 hours of digital commitment and consulting. Please contact me if you’ve booked a slot through PayPal. We’ll kick-start the project in 48 hours.

How do you take payment?

I request a 50% deposit before starting any digital project. I accept payments by Alipay, Paypal, UPI or international bank transfers. I’ve bank accounts in China and India. International clients are expected to cover any additional currency conversion charges and transaction fees for sending money overseas by PayPal or BACS.

Can we trust you?

I won’t start a project without signing an NDA. I’ve some references available on my website, and in PDF. You can refer to that before hiring me.

Can you rank my website in n number of days?

There are various ranking factors to consider. Most are technical, and a few of them vary according to your niche. We should talk.

What industries do you associate with?

I’ve previously worked with Saas, BaaS, Travel, Tours, Law-firms, Suppliers, Enablers, Retailers, Teachers, and Creators.

Can you help my local business acquire more clients?

Yes, if your business caters to English and/or Mandarin-speaking audience.

Food for thought

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you are from. You agree to leave your ego at the door while working with me or other freelancers. Let’s accept criticism with grace, let the best ideas win.