Creative content writer in Kerala.

Hello there. I’m Mighil Puthukkudy, a creative freelance copywriter and content writer in Kerala. I’m based in Chengdu, China for now though.

Yes, I craft professional content and copies for web, print, apps, and ads. I can write a great brochure or compelling website copy for you.

Coco & Mighil

If I may sugarcoat a bit, I believe I’m good at crafting stories for any brands. Give me a piece of an idea; I’ll convert it to a saga. Trust me on this; you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve worked with local and international brands. I’ve worked in-house with international teams. I’ve built websites from scratch that required full-stack marketing.

The Experience Summary

Here’s the fun part. I’ll never get bored at content writing. And I’m not one of those “professional” content writers in Kerala that recycle mediocracy. I stick to fresh and uniqueness when it comes to delivering content writing services in Kerala. If we sign a contract quoted >=20K INR, 20% of the total amount will go to a charity.


I’m a big fan of lengthy emails but embraces minimalism when it comes to presentation and branding. I’d love to work with brands with clear goals. I could design the whole content cycle (production to marketing) for you. Startups, you need me because… you need me.

I’m a laid back person, and my approach is quite straightforward. Hire me if you’re strict about your goals. I rarely look into revisions because of the same reasons.

I’m married, and we’ve got two dogs at home. I spend more time with them than work. So, don’t bother us at weekends unless stated otherwise in the contract. Family comes first.

That said, I’m the most budget-friendly professional SEO website copywriter ever to exist in Kerala. Yeah, okay, that was a bit exaggerating.

Hire me today for:

  • Website content writing + marketing
  • Brand copywriting
  • Case studies & interviews
  • Email & newsletter copy + marketing

Write to [email protected] to know the pricing or feel free to ask me anything about Godzilla and Toho’s Kaijus.

Have a good one.

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