Introducing CDC: Calicut Digital Collective

Without further ado, let me introduce Calicut Digital Collective a.k.a. CDC to everyone. CDC will be Kerala’s first 100% remote-based full-service digital marketing collective that offers content, web strategy, growth, design, development, media, and other creative services without a hefty price-tag. Yep, that’s right!

Why Calicut Digital Collective?

I’ve worked with a handful of agencies and freelancers in Calicut. I’ve always wanted to create a platform for digital talents in Kerala or Calicut in general; a platform to distribute freelance work and boost the collaboration between all the departments; from content to media, design to production, brainstorming to branding. CDC’s ultimate goal is to connect veterans and juniors and create a new culture within the digital niche.

Another goal is to encourage the digital nomad culture among the talents in Kerala. We don’t need to be there at office all the time to get shit done. CDC board will routinely share useful resources and ideas to encourage and motivate the team.

We should be able to develop prototypes and build scalable apps for a decent price-tag. Agencies charge a lot for these projects, and most the time, you don’t get the rewards you deserve. CDC will be transparent. We’ll have the meeting, we’ll choose the team, and we’ll distribute the work according to skillsets and experience. We’ll make sure no one’s left behind.

What Can We Achieve?

With Calicut Digital Collective, we can be more transparent and constructive when it comes to digital projects. We can experiment and learn new stuff on the go. You don’t need to quit your day job to be part of CDC. If you’re open-minded and got some free time to spare on exciting projects, CDC is the right choice for you. I’m also thinking about conducting regular meetups and workshops so that we can quickly transform the digital landscape in Calicut.

Who Can Join CDC?

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher with impeccable writing skills or an experienced product manager. Every profile plays a significant role in CDC. Just add yourself to the database if you haven’t done it already. We’ll figure out the rest in coming days. Use this contact form to join Calicut Digital Collective. And if you’re a recruiter or a business that’s interested in hiring the best talents, visit this page.

Note: The application is strictly limited to first FIFTY applicants for now.

Who Are You?

I’m Mighil, a full-stack growth marketer born and brought up in Calicut but currently resided in Chengdu, China. I’m an 80% digital nomad who has done digital projects for various companies ranging from SaaS startups to software giants. I love working at an agency as long as they give you the freedom to experiment and enough time to learn new things. But things can go South at times, that’s why I’m creating CDC to connect the talents in Kerala. If you ever get bored sitting on your arse doing repetitive shit; CDC is there to help you, period.

Show your appreciation by filling this form. You can also contact me personally (mighilcn at if you’re game to be part of the movement. Project managers, connect with me today if you need help from talents in shipping uber-cool products on time.